So you’re getting grey hairs in your beard? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with that! All hair goes grey at some point in life and your facial hair is no exception. There are few things that you could do to make it look and feel better, so read our guide to grey beards to get some wisdom!

When do beards go grey?


Men can start turning grey at any age. It mainly depends on their genetics. However, most of beardsmen notice that they start greying in their thirties. For some men, beard and head hair start changing colour at the same time, but sometimes facial hair starts greying first. Naturally, it’s likely that over the next few decades your beard will get more and more grey.

Why do beards go grey?


The most common reason why beards are turning grey is genetics. After a certain number of years, your genes give directions to your body to stop producing melanin – the substance that gives skin and hair colour. Since this trait is inherited, you can get a good idea of when you will go grey just by looking at your father’s and grandfathers’ hair. If they went grey early in life, you most likely will too.


New research shows that some men’s beard follicles produce excess levels of hydrogen peroxide that removes pigment from your beard hair. While it’s not yet exactly known why some follicles produce more hydrogen peroxide than others, it is believed that stress and dietary habits have a lot to do with it. So if you try to live healthy, you might be able to avoid it or even reverse the process by reducing stress, increasing daily exercise, and improving your diet.

How to maintain it?


The most important thing about maintaining a silver beard is to keep it neat and well groomed. There is nothing worse than a wild and messy grey beard! A neat silver beard can make you look younger and even more attractive.

We recommend to go for a short beard style, because it’s easier to maintain and it will look neater. You can read our guide to short beards here. You’ll also need some good quality beard grooming products, like beard oilbeard wash and a bristle brush, to maintain it and keep it in a good shape.

Even though you have a silver beard or just a few hairs starting to turn, it doesn’t mean that you have to shave your beard off. It’s a natural process and with the right care, you can make it look just as awesome as any other beard. So embrace your beard and be proud of it!